Earle Motor’s “Alaskan”

A Singularly designed, adventure mount to support long distance, off road expeditions. A middleweight ADV bike with all the necessities and none of the frills.

The alaskan is based on a 2018 ducati desert sled selected for its heavily strengthened frame, longer swingarm and taller suspension as well as the simple air cooled 800. Building this machine was not an end unto itself. the concept was to design, build and campaign a bike unsupported through the back roads and trails of alaska with a select group of similarly crazed knuckleheads and make some memories.


  • 6 gallons, hand formed tank
  • 2 gallon auxiliary in the hand formed tail
  • 21″ f. 18″ r. wheel package
  • kevlar skid plate
  • low fender
  • powerful lighting
  • crash bars
  • narrow solo seat
  • swing arm extenders (+3″ of wheelbase)
  • heavy duty luggage carrier system.

Report by earlemotors.com



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