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Ayres Adventures is the world’s leading provider of premium motorcycle travel.

We offer motorcycle tours in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America (including Alaska and Canada), South America, New Zealand and Australia. As an official travel partner of BMW Motorrad, we feature the BMW line of motorcycles for all of our tours.

Ayres Adventures is, in the purest sense of the word, a global company. This characteristic distinguishes us from other motorcycle tour companies and is a key element of our business model. It enables us to ensure the same high quality standards for our tours no matter where they are operated. Our tours are never subcontracted to another company – we operate all tours with our own staff of experienced tour leaders.

Ayres Adventures is chartered in Gibraltar. Our sales and back-office operations are located in the United States, with significant marketing and support staff in Germany and Russia. Our manager for Europe lives in Germany and our manager for North and South America lives in the United States. Other tour leaders reside in Africa, Alaska, Austria, Germany, Latvia and New Zealand. Our webmaster lives in Germany, travel is handled by an associate in South Africa, and worldwide hotel bookings are handled in Austria.

This global diversity ensures that you can enjoy the convenience, service and security afforded by a stable, professionally managed company, staffed with carefully selected personnel in all the markets we serve.

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