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The RIDE sons, Tony & Steve, didn't just join their fathers passion for Flat-Track and races in the desert...
They also immortalized the know-how and the family tradition developed in the manufacturing of leather articles (aprons, gloves, bags) very appreciated by American carpenters, by diverting it in the profit of their favorite activity and developing gloves and motorcycle clothes.

Equipment that is reminiscent of the memories of a time where the paddocks smelled good of castor oil, and where the simplicity and authenticity was still entitled to quote.

They’ll find grace beside vintage machine amateurs and followers of the custom culture.

It’s after having succumbed to the charm of Daytona, of his International Speedway and his Bike Week, in the state of Florida, lined with beaches and full of sun that this enthusiastic family ended up putting down their wheels and suitcases. It was the right move.

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