Flat Track By Ducati Scrambler At Wheels And Waves 2018

This year Ducati will set up camp near the Flat Track circuit of El Rollo to offer you Flat Track initiations at the handlebars of its Ducati Scrambler fleet.

Under supervision by the talented duo, Zoé David & Franck Chatokhine, they will share with you their flat track culture and techniques rewarded by several awards.

Initiation sessions will start from 5 pm after the award ceremony in El Rollo. Registration for the free initiation must be done on site but requires a license (35€) that must be paid to the circuit.

Enjoy this fantastic and unique experience; test the Flat Track in a friendly (but serious) and relaxed (but intense) atmosphere outside the competition.

Registration and information at the Scrambler Ducati tent near El Rollo and in the Wheels & Waves Village.

Report by wheels-and-waves.com