Freo to Fraser: A Motorcycle Adventure Across Australia

Freo to Fraser is a 6847-kilometer motorcycle journey across the red center of Australia, linking the Indian and Pacific oceans.

The ride, undertaken by Aaron Rodrigues, Joshua Chadwick and Leo Showell began on the 4th of August 2018 at the North Mole lighthouse of Fremantle Harbour. From here it was inland to Kalgoorlie and Lake Ballard, East along Great Central Highway to Warburton, across the Gibson desert via the Gunbarrel Highway to Uluru, North along the Finke Riverbed to Hermannsburg, around the Mcdonnell Ranges and into Alice Springs for a maintenance pit-stop and new tires. From there it was south along the Finke Desert Rally track to Mt Dare, Across the Simpson Desert via the French Line to Birdsville, East to Carnarvon National Park and Bundaberg before finally boarding the ferry to the famed beaches of Fraser Island.

The trip took 3 weeks of riding, including many stacks, blisters, filter issues and the occasional bush fire, but became a surreal adventure not to be forgotten. Featuring as SD card of footage that was rescueed from a dingo lair in Dalhousie Springs.

Video by Leo Showell