Frogskin Motorcycle Cover

I have been riding motorcycles for a long time. I have ridden on track, in the dirt, on epic adventures, and to work.

Whether I leave the bike in the rain outside of my work or under a tree, I have always hated coming out to a bike covered in the elements. We don’t all ride in the best name brands known for protection against the elements, and I can guarantee that we have all had to wipe down a seat or two before riding the bike home after work.

Last year we decided to ride the Oregon, Washington, and Idaho Back Country Discovery Routes. The trips meant that the bike would endure the elements over a 3 week period, I wanted to try and start my days out without the bike being covered in tree sap, needles, dew, or other bits of nature. Before leaving, I created the first prototype of what has become the “Frogskin” Motorcycle cover.

I created the cover primarily for protection against rain, but it works very well at protecting the bike from the sun, dirt, bird droppings, and a variety of other elements that the bike is constantly exposed to. The design also allows for you to store items on the seat below the cover. I personally like to put my helmet under the cover, or my riding pants and jacket. The cover also helps a flashy bike blend it a bit more and deters people from touching the bike or even sitting on it.

The cover is constructed of a light weight urethane coated rip-stop nylon. There are elastic leads with plastic hooks that can be adjusted for a perfect fit on your bike. There is also a para-cord drawstring that allows you to tighten the cover around your passenger seat. Because I made this cover with Adventure riding in mind, it was designed to be very compact compared to other covers on the market. I typically put it in my jacket packet, but it can be stored under the seat of many bikes, tank bags, etc. There are also a variety of colors that are available.

Regarding sizing, the following bike types will be supported on the initial launch:


Because it would be impossible to make an exact fit cover for every make and model on the market, we have tried to make universal designs that will fit the majority of the bikes in each segment. If you have questions or suggestions on bikes that you would like to see compatible covers designed for, please shoot me an email.

Please take note that these covers were not designed to be on bikes being towed/ hauled in trucks. They may be OK up to certain speeds, but they are not designed or rated to be on the bikes while being moved.

I look forward to working with all of you to refine the product and launch something that all of the backers will be able to enjoy with their bikes. If you have any questions or comments, please email me directly. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner!

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