Great Book published by “Huber Verlag”: Save the Choppers

This book provides a comprehensive insight into the origins of the Chopper – scene around the world and tells how the chopper became a true legend. In addition to the extensive chapters on the different styles it contains detailed engineering chapters that highlight the most important elements of customizing, shows the most spectacular bikes and gives an overview of chopper clubs and events.
Nearly 500 pages pay tribute to the history of this stylish motorcycle icon – starting in the 60s right up to the present. “Save the chopper” is the   a must have for custom fans all over the world.
Author Horst Heiler is active in the scene since the early 70s. He builds choppers, organizes exhibitions and meetings, is a chronicler of the chopper culture and works since 1992 for renowned Custom magazines.
Heiler has made it to his mission to highlight the history of the chopper and the people who shaped them into focus. In several meetings with the American Chopper enthusiast Tom Rad, the idea matured in creating this book, which is likely to have no other title.

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