Helmet from 1950

Worn by drivers like Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss or Mike Hawthorne, it is the 1950’s car racing emblem.

CHAPAL version is a unique object, with a nice patina, which gets more beautiful as time goes on.

Very requested on prestigious events such as the 1000 Miglia Italian, Japanese or even the Tour Auto, this masterpiece is currently chosen by teams all over the world, to match with their luxury and rare cars.

The shell is made in a mould with several layers of fibre-glass and resin. The original mould has been designed according to Maurice Trintignant’s 1950’s helmet who gave it to Jean-François Bardinon as a model.

When the body is ready, it can either be prepared for painting or for receiving the famous “gainage”, which is a cover with CHAPAL leather all over.

The skin, same quality as the one used for the jackets, is soaked before applying on the shell, and cautiously wrought by hand to sheathe the whole surface.

After drying, the helmet will then be assembled with the inside part : leather straps and buckles. Leather interior is made by the seamstress with machines of the worshops. They put together bands for extra comfort and cotton safety belts, chinstraps and brass rings to adjust sizes.

Packaging : cotton bag and polish glove in shearling

Model in canvas and resin is the most authentic.

  • Canvas and resin
  • Cotton comfort stripes
  • Leather jugular and tightening strap
  • Brass rings
  • Loop in the back for goggles, snap button
  • Collector helmet,  non-approved

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