Stunning Highnecker

Impressive bike with an remarkable story behind it told by MARTIN BECKER - MB Cycles
Melissa, aka. Riderseyes chose the setting of the scene, which perfectly illustrates the shape and the lines of the bike.

Almost a year ago at the Custombike show in Bad Salzuflen this dude stopped at my booth and spontaneously bought a Evo hardtail Sporty I had in display. We didn’t have any papers so we wrote the contract on a poster. When he came to my shop to bring me some cash he casually decided to get another MB bike. After talking about different styles he chose it to become a high neck hardtail. Fine with me… I still like the high neck style. The “king of the road” feeling you get when you ride one of these huge choppers. After the project was finished and he again came by to pay and do paperwork the same situation came up. Sitting there drinking coffee he went for my Buell Racer I just had built for the “Starrwars” race at Glemseck 101. Andy definitely got himself premium status position “customer of the year”!

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