Horst A. Friedrichs: Work And Life With Pride And Glory

Style: "Portrait B&W"

Since Marlon Brando, James Dean oder Dennis Hopper worn them in the 50ies and 60ies biker leather jackets are cult-objects. More so they’ve got soul and add to the character of it’s wearer. When Lewis Leathers opened their archive for photographer Horst A. Friedrichs he took photographic care of the many details like rivets, knobs, badges and stitching. Horst A Friedrichs was born in Frankfurt/Main and lives in London since 1997. He works as photo journalist for magazines like New York Times, Geo, Stern, and The Independent. His fashion and lifestyle monographies are designed by Lars Harmsen.

Here is the link to his latest published book called “Bookstores”


Report by horstfriedrichs.com


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