Living-Room Built: DesmoBIBU’s Buell Franken-Blast

You need a certain amount of craziness in case you are interested in customizing a Buell, be it because of the bikes’ character, technical particularities (gas tank in the frame / oil tank in the rear swing arm) or simply its lack of general interest which is often because of the fact, that Erik Buell is no longer building bikes.

Thankfully, there are still people like DesmoBIBU who decided to unleash the “Franken-Blast”, built on a 492cc Buell Blast over the period of a year in his Chicago-based apartment. Now sporting a custombuilt front-end, many Buell XB and 1125 parts as well as a newly machined body, Franken-Blast is definitely a show-stopper. Look for yourself

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