LM#1 By Dab Design

Almost one year ago, I wanted to prove that all the current 3D technologies are fabulous tools for customization and give infinite possibilities.

My approach is completely different than the “classic” customization method: I’m 3D scanning the donor bike and design the custom bike in 3D, part by part. Thanks to photo-realistic technologies, I am able to render the picture of the bike before building it: I know exactly where I am going. Minimalist shapes, functionality, enduro & supermoto spirit. During the design stage, I’m considering both the technical and aesthetic constraints in order to design the finest product.

My designs are inspired by the enduro and supermoto universe. Most dirt bikes are singles, the advantages are simplicity, narrowness (the bike is one cylinder wide), steady power delivery, lightness. The main reasons people are attracted to singles are emotive issues associated with the noise and vibration. Singles also have, of course, a very long heritage in the world of motorcycling.
I like to remind the origin of the stock bike, what was the main function: it is a tribute to a motorcycle that has been effective for more than 20 years. The style of the LM-0 and the future LMs is of course linked to the endurance, the predilection field of the Honda NX 650 Dominator. My biggest objective is to bring something new by doing it in my own way. It is not only a question of style or good-looking, it is also a question of how you do it. Think and built differently by using different materials, new processes, and new shapes… to give to the customer a unique user-experience.
The configuration of the LM#1 has been set with the client directly from the start: each model has to be unique and is configured in 3D with the customer during the design stage to match his needs, so he can basically configure it with your colors, textures, parts of his choice.

The building quality has been increased compared to the LM-0 (prototype version) and thanks to this prototype I was able to correct some little imperfections. One of the most exclusive characteristic of the LM-0 is its bespoke composite bodywork (natural flax fiber). To do that, I have first 3D designed the tank, fender and plate on my computer, and once I got the right shape, I have directly 3D printed the mold which will be used to make the fiber parts. This is quite a innovation in term of manufacturing process because traditional molds are very expensive and are dedicated to big series of parts, mass-manufacturing.

Flax fiber has good mechanical characteristics but it gives mostly a beautiful texture. If you look at the front plate, when the lights are off it looks like a classic number plate. But when you turn the lights and the turn signals on, the light of LEDs strip passes through the lin fiber and gives a futuristic and minimalist touch. I also designed a range of custom parts for the LM: CNC machined upper triple tree which integrates the Motogadget speedo, CNC machined gascap with the client logo engraved, spacers to replace the mechanical sensor of the stock speedometer on the front wheel, 3D printed flexible grips with the customer logo engraved. The LM#1 is the first beast of the limited edition, and I am currently building 2 new orders …

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