Mark II Evo By Diamond Atelier

The Mark II Evo is built on the more modern and technically advanced BMW R100R Paralever basis instead of the R80RT Monolever we used on the original Mark II series bikes.

The Paralever swing arm and shaft drive in itself are a considerable improvement. Whereas the original Monolever system had a single pivot at the front of the swingarm, the Paralever uses two links to connect the rear drive to the transmission. This keeps the rear drive at a constant angle as the suspension moves and the torque of the wheel doesn’t result in suspension movement. Building on the R100R the Mark II Evo also comes with a completely rebuilt and refurbished 1000cc boxer with an additional oil circuit cooler, delivering more power and better torque than the previous gen models at close to 70hp with open filters and rejetted carbs. The rear sub frame was reinforced, yet made even more invisible and hidden within the tail piece.

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