Meta Beast X By Sondors

Brilliant engineering, astute geometry and eye-catching details define MetaBeast X. As easy to ride as an e-bike, with the power, torque and styling of a dual sport motorbike.

Fully homologated, street-legal and ready to plate, MetaBeast X is prepared for anything. Plus, it’s light-weight, shift-free and clutch-free, so you can simply focus on having fun or getting things done. The weld-free, single piece casting process is entirely unique to SONDORS. The MetaBeast X frame’s ingenious simplicity provides added strength for a safer, more comfortable ride while enhancing the impeccably seamless, head-turning design.


This smooth and easy, mid-drive electric, dual sport motorbike is perfectly equipped for the track, trails, city streets or expressway. MetaBeast X is fully homologated for street-legal riding, and reimagined to be a worry-free, noise-free, fume-free way to carve the trail or clean laps at the track. Level up your joyride and leave behind the noise, fumes and messy maintenance of a gas-powered motorcycle. MetaBeast X is simply unrivaled — delivering an intelligent, eye-catching design, a spectacular price point and an intuitive riding experience like no other.

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