Mick Walker’s Grand Prix Racing Motorcycles

On the surface it appeared that the Japanese suddenly became proficient in the design and construction of motorcycles at the end of the 1950s.

But in fact, their technical expertise had developed over several decades. Initially Japan was accused of blatant plagiarism, but soon its designers were producing innovative machinery. In the 1960s Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha battled for domination in motorcycle racing, providing a shot in the arm for a struggling sport since the withdrawal of British and Italian factories in the 1950s. The Japanese contribution to Gp racing was paramount in the 1960s and 1970s with many famous riders.

Nowadays political correctness, environmental issues and financial constraints dominate. Japanese Grand Prix Racing Motorcycles sets out to provide a retrospective of Gp racing as we await future developments. Contents: Early days, Bridgestone, Honda – the classic era, Honda – the modern era, Kawasaki, Suzuki – the classic era, Suzuki – the modern era, Tohatsu, Yamaha – the classic era & Yamaha – the modern era. Over 500 pictures in colour and black & white.

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