Motorcycle Helmet Bag

Always find yourself feeling insecure about leaving your expensive lid on your bike? Or do you always bring them along and double it up as a handbag chucking stuff in there ending up scuffing your visor? Our objective is to create not only a functional helmet bag but also one you can be proud to carry around with you when you’re out on the streets.

Making use of the dead space within the helmet, the inner pouch allows you to store your essentials while protecting the inner lining of the helmet and your visor from getting damaged yet maintaining a clean minimal form factor.

The Classic is our first product at Neo and Sons. It is built to last a long time and we have spared no effort in making sure of this. This is achieved through the use of time tested materials and processes. Giving you the perfect solution to carry your helmet out and about with you. We kept the design simple and sleek. Nothing too loud that shouts for attention on the streets and versatile with any outfits. An understated beauty.

The idea came about when we saw nothing on the market that meets our expectations in regards to either form or function. Hence we started to design one on of our own. Throughout the creative process, we worked with a target audience to gather practical feedback and have built over 30 prototypes to develop the product to this point. We are really happy with what we have achieved and we hope you will too!

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