The New Deus Awol

To make a small bike feel big, this little Dutch-Asian bike has been stripped of all “super structures,” leaving only the frame untouched to guarantee the reversibility of the customization process. 

The flat track tank and a custom-made saddle complete the minimization and make this bike super skinny. This machine is perfect to snake through traffic in true style, and is light enough that a young boy could maneuver it on his own.

To accomodate the small frame, a new extra small lithium battery, covered with two small side panels that also refine the empty space left by substitution of the airbox with new conic filters, has been added to the slim body.

The custom paintjob is the work of the masters at Kaos Design, who gave the bike’s classic colors and design more depth with a discreet metal flake on the white lines and a 3D-printed glow in the dark logo. In addition, new shocks absorber, longer than the stock ones, give the bike a more agile set up, and rims and tyres from the model R of the same bike manufacturer give plenty of rubber surface to relay on.

New lights and indicators, license plate and rear light custom bracket, and new grips provide a more mature detail. The SC-project fuel exhaust system gives us plenty of noise, making sure that although we may be AWOL, at least we still can be heard!

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