Newron EV -1

Newron will produce a very limited series of 12 motorcycles in 2021

The Newron EV -1 is the symbiosis between French craftsmanship and future mobility. In order to differentiate from the competitors Newron must be ambitious. The ambition goes through the valorization of French know-how. By integrating skilled craftsmen in the center of the project it allows to cut  the sur-mesure like the Haute Couture.

Designed as an exclusive product, the Newron EV-1 is sustainable, far from rapidly obsolete consumer products. Its modularity allows its evolution as technology enhances.


The first emotion must come from the line. With its design combining precious wood, quality leather and high tech materials, EV-1 stands out from the current production. It imposes its style. The exo-skeleton surrounds the battery asymmetrically and prints a machine movement.

The global style of the concept is defined by an asymetric helicoidal shape which run all around the concept. Like a  contemporary piece of art you will have to completely turn 360° around the bike to fully understand and discover it.

The eye is attracted by the battery. Used as a structural element and usually hidden, it is here a living material, rotating slowly along the longitudinal axis of the motorcycle representing the fly of time.

The devil is in the details

On the left side, there is an engraved plate with the craftsmen’s names who contributed to the build of the motorcycle. The rear rim is transparent like the lower part of the cylinder to contribute to the mystery and the desire to discover the whole bike. On the upper part, Newron have a window just over the battery pack and the shaft axis, to have detailed views on  the insides of the motorcycle. The access to the key – input is opening like a jewelry box. The key itself is a jewel containing a fragment  of wood or  titanium  used  to produce the bike. You will always have a part of your bike with you.

Bearing current

“Throughout this creative process, the team of Newron have been keen to develop a product that is powerful, with significant autonomy and that retains the power that is expected from a vehicle such as the bike.”

The style is not everything. O n the road the performances are at the rendezvous. With a max power of 75 kW (about 102 hp) and a torque of 240 Nm available at the slightest solicitation of thehandle, the Newron EV -1 shoots the 0 to 100 km/ h in less than 3 seconds. With a range of 300km the rides are considered serenely.

If for some the noise of the engine is the essence of the sensations on motorbikes, they could reassure themselves : the sensations are part of the values of Newron as well as the freedom. Electric propulsion moves the cursor to the level of perceptions by bringing in new emotions.

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