Ninja Cafe by Mr. Ride

Flavio Vanna and Fabio Mattioli, founders of Brazil-based workshop “Mr. Ride”, transformed a 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250 into a stunning café racer.

Flavio gained experience at Cherry’s Company, a high-end custom motorcycle shop owned by legend Kaishiroh Kurosu. He could implement all the impressions imposingly. Most parts are handcrafted like the fuel tank, fenders, sub frame and side plates, because the law and extreme import taxes make it expensive and difficult to import these parts to Brazil. To create that typical café racer stance, the modification of the sub frame seemed to be the most difficult part while transforming the Kawasaki Ninja. The fuel tank, inspired by old Kawasaki’s, lead to a nice round shape at the back of the seat. To finish the vintage look, some lines in the paint scheme were also added. A great project with Brazilian elegance and vintage look. Check out the gallery below and click here to learn more about Mr. Ride

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