Nitrinos HS-15 Helmet With An Exceptional Design

MOTOSPARTA – the exclusive helmet with such design – new development from Nitrinos. Combining the functionality of a motorcycle helmet and recognizable features of warrior equipment of the ancient, aristocratic State, motosparta (hs-15) is designed for those who choose the personality, epatage and high quality in all respects.

MOTOSPARTA helmet is designed with the use of 3D technologies. High strength of the helmet shell is provided by a composite structure with kevlar reinforcement. Four-channel, adjustable ventilation ensures air cooling for visor and driver’s head. The inner part of the helmet – is quick detachable for easy maintenance and washing.

The exterior of the helmet, on customers’ request, can be individual; color options include a wide palette of colors and various options on the complexity of airbrushing.

A distinctive element of the MOTOSPARTA helmet is… a crest made of nylon fibers. The crest can be black or red or there can be a combination of colors.

The visor in contradiction to the helmet shape has not been changed in comparison with the visors of standard motorcycle helmets. The mount allows to fix the visor in a lifted position and to implement its rapid replacement. The MOTOSPARTA helmet can be equipped with light, dark or mirrored visor according to your choice.

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