NXT Motors’ All Electric “Rage”

The naked bike concept offers the best alternative for frequent commuting. This shows through the ultimate combination of sportive riding with a comfortable drive position, but without compromising on enjoying your recreational rides. 100% electric for 100% of the time. The gearless, electric drive train offers high performance and direct availability of torque, which results in a dynamic driving style. Thanks to the single piece handlebar, you will not want to stop riding due to the comfy driving position.

As weekends offer the possibility of a different type of ride compared to daily commuting, you won’t be disappointed when tearing through the bends during your next exploring trip. NXT RAGE comes in a two-seater configuration. Dual front brakes offer the perfect control over the motorcycle. LED headlight clears the way ahead of you for a safe ride.

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Report by nxtmotors.com

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