Powerful Electric Kids Motorbike By Torrot

The E10 enducross has been designed to offer all the safety guarantees as children learn gradually, with a motor that can be programmed from an smartphone* and LiMnCo batteries, which weigh less and have incredibly more “kick” and autonomy.

Fun and robust, it is unquestionably the worthy heir of a future champion.

Power and control

Torrot’s E10 is little beast: adjustable power from 350 W to 1,050 W which effectively impels our tiny all-terrain’s chassis and suspension across the finish line. The battery is not lead but lithium, which gets greater power for more hours.

PRO quality

Every constructive and functional detail has been designed to protect the pilot to the max, while keeping the architecture of a true enduro bike so the child’s first contact is real. In addition to the offroad configuration, we also have the S10 model, a super-motorcycle designed for tracks and go-carting.

Parental control and security

All the Torrot Kids models can be equipped with a wireless controller, which allows parent to remotely limit, configure or even switch off their children’s motorcycles from an Android or iOS app.

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