Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent Grey/Yellow

The reasons for choosing a Redverz motorcycle tent are well established.

The impeccable design performs like mad in all kinds of weather and affords a level of comfort you never thought possible. If you’ve been sitting on the fence waiting for a new color or want to easily find your tent in a sea of our popular green Atacama’s, the moonscape model is for you. Designed specifically to give a brighter tent option, inside and out, the new Atacama color blends in seamlessly in sand and desert surroundings and conversely stands out a bit against lush wooded landscapes and rolling hills.

As a design team, when you’ve far surpassed the critical performance standards, there’s a bit of wiggle room to have some fun with the options, like color.  The new look is sleek, a perfect blend of classic gray and optimistic gold, but don’t be fooled – it’s still going to knock the snot out of all that wind and rain in the forecast.

When camping off a motorcycle, even as minimalist traveller, you have a ton of gear. “Not me,” you say? Take off your helmet, riding boots, pants and armored jacket and see how big that pile is. If you are spending the night in anything less than a 2 person tent this gear either stays outside or it comes in leaving you with little room to lay back and spread out.  Add a second rider and their gear to the mix and you’ll feel downright claustrophobic. When that perfect, cloudless day you set out in turns into a raging, torrential downpour the realization hits, you need shelter. It’s crystal clear at this very moment, in the dry spacious garage that your investment in the Atacama Expedition Tent has really paid off. 

Stand Up Inside. Packs to 21″ x 10″ and Weighs 14 pounds. Free Shipping On Tents in the Continental US.

The Atacama is the third generation of our original, patented motorcycle tent. The unique garage design birthed an entirely new tent genre back in 2008, a class of tents which had motorcyclists and their bikes clearly in mind. Others have attempted to copy the design, but we stay out front and constantly push the boundaries of luxury and functionality, designing gear that meets the needs and wants of our customers.

Ignore the gargantuan garage for a moment. We know….it’s so spacious. Focus instead on the sleeping area. This is designed for 1, 2 or 3 campers, you decide the ideal set up. Real world – how big is the bedroom?



1 Up? Think twin bed XL with a bed side camp chair and your riding gear generously spread about the room.

2 Up? Full Queen size bed with ample space either side for your gear especially with your own unique entry doors to enter and exit.

3 Up? Pack it in. Still plenty of room for three pads, but some of your personal gear – especially those stinky socks and boots – are going into the garage. Heck, if you’re are using the garage for additional campers throw a garage ground sheet down and go ahead and invite five of your friends to sleep over. Have them join you with their camp chairs to hang out and when the sun sets send them off to their micro tent for the night.


This is where it all happens in the Atacama Tent. The two opposing garage doors taper up from the bottom so you can ride any size full touring adventure bike with panniers straight through and park inside. If sleeping with your bike is not your thing stretch out and park chairs instead for coffee or meals. This vestibule is huge. One thing you’ll have in common with other Atacama owners, you never knew how much you wanted to stand up in a tent until you could. Consider yourself warned, your friends will all want to hang out here.




Let’s get all geeky for a moment.  When a storm comes through and that deluge of rain hits rest easy, our tents are waterproof. To be more specific, at 4000mm hydrostatic head we set the gold standard. If your tent specs have less than 3000mm on the outer fly, it’s not expedition quality and barely useful for half hour of light drizzle. Read some of our testimonials to understand why we take this so seriously.


Good poles are the difference between a round-the-world trip and a failed weekend music festival. We source and build the finest aircraft grade aluminum poles available.  We have pre-bends in ours, so finely designed they have already been contoured to reduce the stress on them. Whatever your trip brings these are designed to bring you home.


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