Riding in the Baja

An overland journey of two people, travelling by motorcycle, riding over dust and dirt, serpentine sand and loose gravel. Embracing the fellowship of the road, the magic of people and the mysterious. Home is where the side stands are kicked down in a story that’s forever unfolding…

Background to film
Have you ever taken a journey and at the end of that journey, you experienced something that changed the way you see the world? That challenged your beliefs and set your life on a new path–compelling you appreciate the small things? Reminding you what is important in life, the importance of life and all life. What it is to be truly happy. This is that journey for Lisa and Jason.

This is our motorcycle journey ‘In pursuit of whales’ which saw us riding in extreme weather, visiting a remote mission and coming face to face with the behemoths of the sea: namely Grey Whales, Whale Sharks, Dolphin and the mighty Blue Whale – the largest animal that has ever lived.

Video by jason Spafford

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