RSD Wee Monkey By Roland Sands Design

For a guy like WeeMan who’s an Instagram Millionaire he’s gone through the process of having too much to stripping back and simplifying his life to only what’s necessary. He spends a lot of time on the road in his custom sprinter van exploring the world and the Wee Monkey gives him the opportunity to set up camp and have bitchin street legal transportation anywhere he goes.


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Customized, comfortable and quick the Wee Monkey adds to a life on the road and as any moto head knows, having that bike that fits you just right improves any riding experience.

Anyone who’s stepping back on a bike after a 20 year hiatus knows how important it is to feel comfortable and this was the excuse to go from a stock machine to fully custom. Along the way Roland Sands got to remove a considerable amount of weight at just over 40lbs. less than stock which improved rideability and the overall performance of the bike.


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