Sold by Mecum: 1975 Rickman CR Honda 750

The Rickman-Honda CR750 was in many ways a better machine than the factory racer of the same name, and it certainly handled better than anything else on road or track in 1975. This machine, in stunning yellow paint, has a period-correct Kirker exhaust that will leave no doubt in the mind that this is a powerful and fast machine. The Rickman brothers, Derek and Don, were keen motocross racers at an international level, who were as talented at fabrication and tuning as they were riding. The Rickmans built their own all-welded frame, with a narrow double-loop built of lightweight Reynolds 531 chrome-moly tubing, which they nickel plated to keep an eye on cracks. Doug Mitchenall of Avon fairings made bodywork that was shapely and elegant—combined with their sparkling frame, the Rickman motocrossers were astoundingly beautiful. Not only that, they worked, winning national and international-level motocross races. The Rickman brothers sold chassis kits from 1960, with most production headed for the USA. By 1966, they offered a road/race chassis for Triumph twins and Matchless singles, which handled better than the benchmark Nortons as the Rickmans were lighter, holding their oil in the frame and their forks beefier than Roadholders—they were the first large-diameter (41.2mm) sporting telescopic forks. When the British industry collapsed in the late 1970s, Rickman found itself the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Britain. In the early 1970s, the introduction of Honda and Kawasaki 4s created a new market for Rickman frames, as the Japanese spent their research and development budgets on engines, not chassis. Rickman-Hondas were built to a far higher standard than factory, with those gorgeously welded frames and beautiful bodywork. Their Honda CR750 (a reference to the factory Honda racing kit) used beefy Betor forks, with two Lockheed disc brakes, Akront alloy rims and a purpose-built fairing, which combined to make the Honda CR750 look better than the works endurance racers and handle better too. This 1975 Rickman-Honda CR750 is a remarkable café racer, and was originally imported to the U.S. by Craig Vetter.

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  • Imported by Craig Vetter
  • Rare Rickman CR Honda 750
  • Rickman components and Honda power combined for the worlds finest handling road machine
  • Engine No. CB750E 1071288

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