The New Scrambler 1200 By Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles has announced its new and stunning Scrambler 1200 line-up. There will be two different versions: the Scrambler 1200 XC and the Scrambler 1200 XE.

The XE-version is built for off-road riding and the XC-version is built for the road. They deliver an unforgettable riding experience on every road and combine the typical scrambler style with adventurous motorcycle performance. This generation of the scrambler seems to be the best in every dimension.

Both bikes are equipped with the High Power 1200cc Bonneville twin engine, with dedicated Scrambler tune, that delivers 90 PS at 7.400rpm and a torque-output of 110 Nm at 3.950rpm. The soundtrack is the familiar signature twin Scrambler Soundtrack. Five different riding modes – Road, Rain, Off-Road, Sport and Rider – are also a reason for the category dominating capability. On the XE there is even a sixth riding mode, the “Off-Road Pro”, that turns off ABS and the traction control. With the class-leading finish and detailing of the 21st century scrambler-defining style, the scrambler takes the legend that Triumph started to a whole new level. There are 80+ new and different scrambler accessories which can be completely personalized, for example for touring or an even more off-road focused set-up.

Standard on both bikes are for example the second generation TFT instruments, cruise control, all LED lighting, torque-assist clutch, USB charging socket, keyless ignition and a fully integrated technology system. But these aren´t the only reasons to buy the new scrambler, Triumph also advertised a large line of accessories to match its new bike.

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