The World’s Strongest Motorcycle Shirt: Craves “Montana Motorcycle Jacket”

Do you get the moments when stars align and the history is made?

When thanks to years of practice you craft something, and you think: “hell, yeah”
Our new Montana Armalith motorcycle shirt, single layer UHMWPE denim.UHMWPE fibre to rule them all, aerospace technology has been transferred to civil use and here we have world’s strongest denim.
Armalith is the first and only composite abrasion resistant material in a single layer of fabric.
And it doesn’t look technical at all. Just a single layer raw denim.
It provides high-performance protection just in case.

(20m of a slide on the road without a hole under 13595-2 certification conditions)
    • Outer shell:
Armalith®2.0 – UHMWPE or Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, cotton for its hydrophilic ability and genuine look, lycra.• Inner lining composition:


  • Single layer Armalith with microfiber inner lining
  • Armor pockets at shoulders, elbows, and back – for CE protectors that meet European requirements
  • Collar and cuffs lined with checkered pattern cotton
  • Slim fit
  • Reinforced loop

6 pockets:

  • big asymmetric chest pocket for gloves, goggles, etc.,
  • smartphone pocket hidden inside the asymmetric one,
  • 2 smaller chest pockets,
  • 1 inner zippered pocket,
  • 1 slit pocket

Back protectors: 
Sastec Super Shield SC-1/14 XL

Shoulder protectors:
EVO X Guard 2706-0177
SASTEC SC – 1/81

Elbow protectors: 
D3O Elbow 2706-0159
Sastec SC – 1/31

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