TW Steel’s Son Of Time Project: A Perfect Base For Excitement

Watches and bikes. Two topics, many men favor talking about … But rather than sticking to rules and traditions and creating boring watches, TW Steel always had the intention to go bold with their fearless and attention-seeking timepieces. The creation of “The Son of Time” was an obvious next step to bring together the worlds of horology and motorcycles in a completely new way. As a result, both the Netherlands-based watchmaker and the motorcycle customizers carefully selected by them work side by side to create unique custom motorcycles and matching custom timepieces.

The custom bikes are built by artisans who share TW Steels DNA for design aesthetics and big-time attitude. Each bike has the Son of Time DNA running through it and a bold timepiece inspired by the original Son of Time design.

We were able to take a closer look at three of the masterpieces when visiting the Glemseck 101. It quickly becomes evident that this project is a perfect match, especially since this project seems to be so close to TW Steel’s own DNA, that all five bikes that have been created till today (and their builders) have clearly no intention to go out quietly. It is “Go big or go home!”, or, as TW Steel puts it, “Let the good times roll!” We are excited about the project’s future development and will present the existing bikes in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned…

Learn more about the project here

Report by glorious motorcycles
Photos by TW Steel