Union Garage x Vanson Jacket

Meet the Union Garage V7: a timeless leather motorcycle jacket that combines classic design details with modern-day protection.

The jacket is made by Vanson Leathers in Massachusetts, and is cut from the same legendary “comp weight” cowhide that thousands of riders have trusted to save their hide.

That its name lines up with Moto Guzzi’s iconic V7 Sport is pure coincidence. It just happens to be the 7th version of a project we’ve been working on since for almost 3 years—since shortly after we released the Robinson, our first collaboration with Vanson.

What took so long? Much of the back-and-forth between pattern revisions related to the rotation of the arms and balancing the elbow shape. We realized we had to choose between optimizing this jacket to fit and function with armor, or without it. We opted for armor-in, sculpting the elbows ever so slightly so that there’s room for the armor without totally killing the jacket’s credibility as an everyday leather jacket.

Video / Report by Union Garage


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