Vintageroom Motorcycles’ BMW R80 RT

We transform your motorcycle in a headturning piece of art. Forget the old piano in your living room. There’s a new space for your baby. You can opt for just a tune-up or a whole rebuild for your engine. Your baby will ride like new! We use only the finest leathers on the market including vintage leathers and different colors. Your seat will never look better! You can choose any color you want for your new baby or you can leave it to us. We promise you breathtaking results.

I was always attracted by old motorcycles and muscle cars.

A few years ago I fell in love with a custom cafe racer Triumph Boneville and a few weeks later a killer Bmw R69s striked directly in to my heart. Something moved me inside, I told myself “I have to do this! At least I have to try!” So I started to build a bike I would love to own for my entire life. Soon after that Vintage Room Motorcycles was born. With a group of specialists we are able to reimmagine and redesign old motorcycles with modern solutions and keep that cool vintage look at the same time. We try to bring you a timeless piece of art which will never get old.

Mark Ceilinger

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