1910 Sears Single Aurora Single-Cylinder By Mecum

The 1910 Sears Single, also known as the Aurora, represents an iconic piece of early 20th-century motorcycling history. This remarkable machine is powered by an intake-over-exhaust single-cylinder engine, a configuration that was advanced for its time. The engine features an atmospheric intake valve, which utilizes atmospheric pressure to draw in the fuel-air mixture, enhancing its performance and reliability.

Aesthetically, the Aurora boasts a side-spring girder fork, a testament to the ingenuity of early motorcycle suspension systems. This design provided improved shock absorption and handling, making rides smoother and more comfortable on the rough roads of the era.

One of the key features of the 1910 Sears Single is its belt drive with tensioner. This system was simpler and cleaner compared to chain drives, reducing maintenance and providing a reliable method of power transmission from the engine to the rear wheel. The pedal start mechanism allowed riders to easily kickstart the engine, a convenience that was appreciated in the days before electric starters.

Safety and visibility were also considered in the design, with acetylene lights mounted on the front to illuminate the way during night rides. The Klaxon horn, a popular accessory at the time, ensured that the rider could alert pedestrians and other vehicles of their presence with a distinct and loud sound.

The Aurora’s braking system included a rear wheel coaster brake, which allowed for controlled and effective stopping power. This was a crucial feature for rider safety, especially given the speeds the motorcycle could achieve. Comfort was further enhanced with a solo saddle-style seat, providing a more ergonomic and cushioned ride.

The spoke wheels not only added to the aesthetic appeal but also contributed to the structural integrity and lightweight nature of the motorcycle. Finally, the rear center stand made parking and maintenance more convenient, allowing the bike to be propped up securely.

The 1910 Sears Single: Aurora is more than just a motorcycle; it is a representation of early engineering excellence and innovation in personal transportation. Each feature, from the atmospheric intake valve to the rear center stand, illustrates the thoughtful design and practical considerations that went into creating a motorcycle that was both functional and ahead of its time.


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