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We breathe motorcycles. We enjoy pretty much all of them. The new ones, the old ones (even more) and all kinds of custom ones. This is why we created “glorious motorcycles”, a blog and marketplace blending glorious builds from all over the world with associated products, news and events.

“Make Life a Ride!”, not by us, but this sentence nails it. We are petrolheads and greasemonkeys. The fascination of leaving your everyday life behind while riding on the bike and creating special, genuine and pure moments for yourself and your friends is what drives us. And only that, no frills, no snobism pompous. What currently happens in the market is unique: the return to the classic motorbike or your very own special bike – customized and without compromise. The scene has been rediscovered and it is fun again: the traditional bike scene is alive, mass motorcycles are not important to us, but machines with heart and soul. Machines that suck in our passion. Our aim: finding the coolest stories from all over the world and pump gasoline in your veins every day. Not more and not less. The feeling of building a motorcycle the way you love it is the greatest feeling of all. The wind in your hair, the dirt under your fingernails, the most iconic roadtrip or a celebration until dawn – let us be there, tell us stories that are important to you, let us enjoy motorcycles in all facets. Living has no reverse gear!

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