1957 Mondial 250 Bialbero Racer At Mecum Las Vegas

This 1957 Mondial 250 Bialbero, now a part of the Museo Moto Italia Collection owned by John Goldman, stands as a testament to meticulous restoration and a rich racing history. Crowned the Best of Show at the prestigious 2017 Quail Motorcycle Gathering, this machine underwent a decade-long restoration journey.

The mechanical restoration, including the hand-beaten aluminum dustbin front fairing and seat fairing, was masterfully executed by Giancarlo Morbidelli in the restoration shop of his Pesaro museum. The painstaking paint and cosmetic restoration work, along with the final assembly, were skillfully handled by Roberto Totti near Bologna. Further refinements to the front dustbin and rear fairing were expertly undertaken by Evan Wilcox in California, showcasing the collaborative efforts that spanned continents.

The bike’s repaint, a crucial aspect of its rejuvenation, was entrusted to Pete Misthos of Underground Colors in San Francisco. The last leg of the restoration involved meticulous mechanical sorting and tuning by David Harris of The Zen House in northern California.

Powering this magnificent machine is a 250cc double overhead cam engine, featuring a unique bevel gear type head. This distinctive engine configuration, introduced in late 1956, aligns with the historical significance of this motorcycle. It is strongly believed that this very bike is the one raced by Provini to a remarkable second place in the 1957 Grand Prix World Championship in the 250cc class and secured victory in the 1957 Italian National Championship.

The 6-speed transmission and the bike’s frame and engine number 251 further underscore its historical importance. As the probable first 250cc single-cylinder Mondial Grand Prix bike, constructed in late 1956, it is a rare gem among the approximately 7 Mondial 250 Grand Prix Bialbero motorcycles ever built by the Mondial factory.

Originating from the Nerini/Daddario/Valgrande collection, this motorcycle has a storied past. In 1977, the three Italians pooled their resources to acquire all of the Grand Prix race bikes retained by the Mondial factory. Subsequently, George Beale purchased half of this collection, and the Mondial 250 Bialbero Grand Prix motorcycle found its way to the present seller through George Beale.

The significance of this exceptional motorcycle is further underscored by its feature in the 2023 book ‘Ultimate Collector Motorcycles,’ edited by Charlotte and Peter Fiell and published by Taschen. This beautifully restored Mondial 250 Bialbero Grand Prix motorcycle stands as a testament to the artistry of its restoration team and the enduring legacy of its racing history.


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