1968 Husqvarna Viking: Steve MCQueen’s First Husky

Everybody is familiar with the incredible photo of a shirtless Steve McQueen riding a Husky on the cover of the August 1971 edition of Sports Illustrated. Moreover, everyone is familiar with his iconic performance on a Husky in ‘On Any Sunday’.

However, McQueen experts including Don Ince, a noted Steve McQueen and Husky historian believe that MF-1987 is the most important Steve McQueen Husky in the world because it was the FIRST Husky purchased by Steve McQueen and is the ONLY 1968 that he owned. If McQueen had not seen MF-1987 being ridden at a race by WORLD CHAMPION and HALL OF FAMER Bengt Aberg in 1968, McQueen’s connection with the Husky brand may never have begun and we would not even be talking about the (Steve McQueen) Huskies that followed it.  McQueen fans know that up to seeing a Husky for the first time Steve had more closely been associated with Triumph motorcycles. McQueen had been riding the big 500 and 650cc Triumphs on Rickman Metisse frames.

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