Alpinestars 2022 Motorcycling Collection

Innovative materials technologies and products designed to enhance performance and the rider experience

The Alpinestars’ Main 2022 line showcases the fusion of innovative materials technologies and state-of-the-art protection to create the ultimate in Racing, Sport, Touring and Urban apparel and footwear.

Engineered to offer the optimal blend of lightweight yet breathable protection, cutting edge design, and top-level performance, the new products of the Main 2022 Collection have been designed to enhance the overall rider experience and allow motorcyclists to excel in their specific riding environment, whether it be racing on the rack, touring on the open road or exploring rugged terrain off the beaten path. Alpinestars has expanded the Main 2022 range to cater to the needs of motorcycle riders, regardless of the environment or climate.

The result of countless hours of comprehensive research, testing and development in the laboratory, on the road and on the racetrack in the most demanding of conditions, the new range of racing suits and jackets, are all Tech-Air® 5 ready. The products of the new 2022 range are optimised to guarantee the performance, comfort and functionality riders need and expect.


Alpinestars first introduced MATRYX® with the Spring 2021 Collection with the launch of the Speed Force performance riding shoes. MATRYX® is a parametric material made of high tenacity polyamide yarns that is weaved with Kevlar®, monofilament, carbon and other organic elements. The main design benefit of MATRYX® is the ability to engineer the performance needed in a product to the exact location where the performance is needed.

MATRYX® technology is also the perfect materials’ structure for advanced protective apparel and gives Alpinestars the opportunity to bring new, innovative protective garments to the every-day rider. Superior comfort, performance and premium protection has been designed into the new 2022 line with the introduction of the Fusion Leather Suit, the Fusion Jacket and the Missile v2 Ignition Leather Suit.

RIDEKNIT® is another fabric technology that has allowed Alpinestars to do unique advancements with motorcycle gear. Not only is Rideknit® lightweight, breathable, stretchable and durable, the core value of using Rideknit® is the ability to custom design strategic placement of the Rideknit® material in a garment where stretchability and comfort are needed most.

When it comes to riding footwear, pants and jackets, Alpinestars has incorporated Rideknit® technology in many products.The Main 2022 line sees Alpinestars launching the Fusion Leather Suit and the Fusion Jacket which incorporate Rideknit® stretch paneling for enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement – a true innovation in riding gear.

The materials technologies and pioneering innovations incorporated in the new Alpinestars’ Main 2022 Collection will bring significant advancements to motorcycling, especially in the areas of protection, performance and comfort. For our 2022 Women’s Stella Line, Alpinestars has engineered the Missile v2 Leather Racing Suit to provide a dedicated women’s fit, optimised and anatomically designed for the female figure.

With the Missile V2, now female riders can ride protected with a Tech-Air® Ready leather racing suit and in premium comfort. Alpinestars as always is focused on ensuring that our products protect and perform, bringing new technologies to the market that benefit the rider and raise the benchmark for excellence.

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