Available Soon: 2025 R 1300 GS Adventure

Finally, you can go on all of the tours you’ve ever wanted to go on. In the way that suits you best. After all, you know that the technology fits the bill.

You have never experienced a ride as smooth and light as this one on a BMW Adventure bike. No other adventure has had such a comfortable start. You can reach any destination with the R 1300 GS Adventure.

The ground is always within reach

The adaptive vehicle height control helps ensure you can reach the ground more easily, and also offers simplified handling. After riding off, your R 1300 GS Adventure automatically lifts itself by 1.18 inches. Shortly before you stop, it lowers itself again, so that you can more easily get off the bike and put your R 1300 GS Adventure on the available center stand with the help of the comfort lift assistance.

Ready for a personal adventure

More lashing eyes, docking elements, and storage than ever. The R 1300 GS Adventure forms the basis of your future tours. The wide selection of bags, luggage, cases and holders allows you to choose the right equipment for your own personal adventure, which can be attached to your bike seamlessly.


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Photocredit by bmwmotorcycles.com