BMW R80 By Earth Motorcycles

Presenting a remarkable custom creation by Earth Motorcycles, behold the exquisite BMW R80. This motorcycle has undergone a truly unique metamorphosis, tailored precisely to fulfill the customer’s desires, resulting in an exceptional masterpiece.

Witness the meticulously crafted custom-designed components that replaced the original seat and subframe, granting the bike a remarkable detachable feature. Notable features include the sleek Highsider Proton 11mm rear lights, expertly positioned above the Shinko tires, accompanied by a compact aluminum fender. Upgrades encompass new gaskets, rebuilt carbs, and a discontinued yet striking Highsider 5 4/3 inch LED headlight combined with an old BMW R80 7-inch headlight lens, ensuring captivating illumination.

Furthermore, an elevated rear tank commands attention alongside enhanced engine covers and K&N airpods providing a touch of sophistication. The build incorporates standard elements from renowned brands such as Discacciati, Motogadget, Motone, and Highsider. For an up-close look at this stunning custom motorcycle and a selection of other awe-inspiring bikes, visit their website today.


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