1943 Zündapp KS750 By Yesterdays

Founded at the height of WWI to manufacture armaments, Zündapp found a new role post-war as a producer of motorcycles under the direction of new owner, Dr Fritz Neumeyer, building its first machine, a Levis-powered two-stroke, in 1921.

1929 Husqvarna Model 30A Racer By Mecum

This lovely little 250cc Husqvarna racer is incredibly rare and may be unique. It’s based on the company’s 1929-only Model 30A, using the JAP OHV super sports engine that produced 11 HP, with a total-loss oiling system and a single-port cylinder head.

1981 Ducati TT2 GPM By Mecum

This Hot Rod TT2 Ducati racer is a fantastic example of the factory’s racing effort with its new Pantah motors, Dr. Fabio Taglioni’s last engine design. The Pantah was introduced in 1980 in 500cc form as a replacement for the failed parallel twins of 1976.

1964 BMW R60/2 By Anthony Godin

Introduced in 1960 the R60/2 was slightly more powerful at 30hp than its 28hp R60 predecessor, while the power output is not particularly impressive the durability and smoothness and torque of the 600cc boxer engine is.