Custom Kawasaki Ninja 250 R Scrambler X Street Fighter By Droog Moto

The Urban Fighter: Built and equipped with the abilities to take on anything. DM-015 is a fighter with an attitude. Lightweight and agile, this machine is what you’ve been missing.


Feel the adrenaline while you brace yourself on the form fitting seat. Paired up with the DM handlebars and burly grips. DM-015 comes with a uniquely detailed fuel cell and subframe giving this Fighter its own character.


Tucked into the rider’s cockpit is a mini digital speedometer that is waterproof and full of modes for the ride ahead. DM-015 is equipped with intense LED lighting in the front and rear. High output lights pierce through the darkness keeping the voyage ahead seen. All in one stream lined modern package, what more could you need?


Rugged and agile tires are fitted to DM-015 for high performance handling. Thick tread and a deep bite is what you get.


250ccʼs of fury and fight as this fighter breathes in through a high performance air filter. A stealthy exhaust system is tucked tightly to the motor keeping this Fighter’s lines modern and balanced as you hear this 250 roar.

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