Moto Guzzi V14 By Vagabund Moto

For this project, Vagabund Moto got their hands on the client’s 2019 Moto Guzzi V7 III. While designing a more modern version of the bike, they also adapted it to handle different types of road surfaces.

One of the highlights of this custom build by Vagabund Moto is the modified, custom welded Guzzi tank. It features a “split” design and a dual-tone finish. The black section of the tank follows the frame and links the front and back of the bike. However, this change doesn’t affect the tank’s capacity.

Among the 3D printed parts, the tail section, fork covers, and the housing around the headlight stand out in this custom build by Vagabund Moto. More minimalist and tight, the modified rear section also features a Shin Yo LED stripe brake light.


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