Motul And Peugeot Motos Partner

Earlier this year Motul and Peugeot Motocycles formed a strategic first-fill and service-fill lubrication partnership for the brand’s motorcycle range.

Now, Motul is delighted to reveal that the two iconic French brands have collaborated on a range of exclusive co-branded products for Peugeot Motocycles’ customers.

Designed for use with Peugeot Motocycles’ range of scooters, they have been specifically formulated to provide outstanding protection for demanding urban riding and daily commuting.

The first lubricant, Street Rider 2T, has been developed by Motul for Peugeot Motocycles’ two-stroke scooters. Compatible with catalytic converters, fuel injection systems and carburettors, this Semi Synthese engine oil protects two-stroke scooter engines from wear through its exceptional oil film resistance. The lubricant has also been designed to provide the maximum engine cleanliness and anti-smoke.

The second lubricant, City Rider 4T 5W-40, has been specifically created to protect Peugeot Motocycles’ latest range of four-stroke scooters and maxi-scooters from 50cc upwards. This lubricant is compatible with all types of scooters with fuel injection or carburettor and with or without catalytic converters. It uses Motul’s innovative and class-leading Synthese Technology to lower engine wear, improve cold starts and reduce oil consumption.

All new Peugeot Motocycles built at the company’s facilities in France and China will be factory filled with these lubricants, as well as receive Motul transmission, gear lubricant and brake fluids. They will also be available for customers to purchase at official Peugeot Motocycles dealerships and will be used as the service-fill oil.

Designed for intensive stop-and-go city riding, these Peugeot Motocycles’ officially recommended lubricants feature the latest innovations to reduce internal engine friction, protect against high temperatures and improve mechanical efficiency for optimal power, protection and engine cleanliness.

This is not the first time the two pioneering companies have collaborated, and both have a long and rich history of innovation and expertise in their respective fields.

  • Motul has created two co-branded scooter lubricants for Peugeot Motocycles
  • These officially recommended lubricants are available in Peugeot Motocycles dealerships
  • They are designed exclusively for Peugeot Motocycles scooters to protect against intensive, demanding urban riding

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