SCHIZZO® Roadster By WalzWerk Motorcycles

The SCHIZZO® Concept Bikes have been a fast-growing and highly successful division of WalzWerk Motorcycles® for several years now. Marcus Walz developed this unique concept as early as 2013 and then realized in 2014 the production of the first SCHIZZO® prototype. Since then, the concept has been continuously revised, improved and optimized over the years.

Today, WalzWerk Motorcycles® is the world leader in this industry, with an export rate of more than 50%.

Based on old 2-valve BMW’s from the 80s / 90s, Marcus developed a kind of modular kit, with the one and the same motorcycle model can realize several styles: Scrambler, Roadster, Cafe Racer or Bobber.

Every single SCHIZZO® starts its life in WalzWerk’s manufactory in the form of an original BMW R80 or R100. For this they basically use 3 different models, which they meanwhile buy throughout Europe: BMW Monolever, Twin Shock and Paralever models. It takes about 120 hours of hard work, to transform a stock R80/R100 into a genuine and unique SCHIZZO®.

WalzWerk are currently building around 50 SCHIZZO® per year. Of these, around 80% are based on a Monolever model (1984-1995), about 10% on the slightly older Twin Shock models (1976-1984) and another 10% (with increasing tendency) on the slightly more modern Paralever models (1991-1996) , Which model they finally use for each SCHIZZO®, decided solely the preference of the respective customer and the desired style.

About WalzWerk

WalzWerk Motorcycles® founder & owner Marcus Walz was born in Heidelberg/Germany in 1967. The passionate motorcycle racer is building bikes for living for more than 30 years now. His experience and knowledge in the international custombike & motorcycle business is almost unparalleld. To date, he has built more than 800 bikes in a variety of styles in his career. He has created numerous trends and even invented with the “Drag Style” a new motorcycle genre. He was one of the pioneers of the so-called “German Style” abroad at the beginning of the 90s. His bikes were published in over 1000 magazines & books worldwide, featured in countless TV-Shows and videos around the globe. He was the first and to date the only non-american Bike Builder to win the legendary TV-Show “American Biker Build-Off” in the USA. In 2009 a book about his life and bikes was published (“Marcus Walz – Hardcore for Life”). Formula 1 drivers and international Rock Stars are just as much a part of his customers as many well-known Hollywood celebrities, but he has always remained on the ground.

His clear sense for aesthetics and his understanding of shapes, lines and design and, last but not least, his unparalleled attention to detail, have made the name “WALZ” a synonym for high-end handcrafted motorcycles worldwide

Since many years he is mainly focused on building Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Roadster, Bobber and Concept-Bikes, always brand-independent. Often imitated but never equalled, he is one of the most iconic and popular bike builder & motorcycle designer of our time. Motorcycles built by Marcus Walz enjoy cult status all over the world and are considered for a reason as a safe investment. Today, Marcus runs several restaurants and a hotel in addition to his company WalzWerk Motorcycles®.


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This is their lates version of the SCHIZZO® ROADSTER…

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