Tamarit Motorcycles: Scrambler 1200 XE Limited Edition

Monegros invites you to live a unique adventure. Discover freedom as you immerse yourself in an experience that goes beyond conventional limits. A motorcycle that hides a daring spirit, accompanying you to any terrain.

The Marzocchi inverted fork, with 170mm of non-adjustable travel, provides smooth and precise handling, enhancing stability and impact absorption on challenging terrains for an optimal riding experience on high-performance motorcycles.

The 310 mm dual disc with Brembo calipers provides precise and secure braking. A component that enhances the motorcycle’s responsiveness and control, raising safety standards on the road.

The adjustable Öhlins dual rear shock absorbers with independent reservoirs offer a 170mm travel, improving impact absorption and providing a smooth and controlled ride. Increased stability and comfort on challenging terrains highlight its versatility and adaptability to various driving conditions.

Throttle, ABS, and traction control settings are customizable with five riding modes: Rain, Road, Sport, and Off-Road. The XE offers the Off-Road Pro mode, which completely disables ABS and traction control, giving expert riders absolute control in extreme off-road driving situations.

The small turn signals offer a compact and aerodynamic style that improves aesthetics and visibility. Their reduced size does not compromise safety but enhances appearance, providing a modern and functional touch to the motorcycle.


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