The Dragon By Deus Ex Machina

Pirelli supercorsa tyres, performance exhaust, power commander, big brake kit- All the ingredients for a superbike build, right? Wrong, Well not entirely…

This custom bobber- the most recent creation from monsieur Tagand, arrived at the Deus Workshop almost directly from the showroom floor at triumph- with hints of new bike smell still detectable on it, Jeremy set to work stripping down the Brit. Wheels, Gone. Fenders, Gone. Exhaust, brakes, mirrors, indicators? You guessed it, GONE.

In their place a set of oversized spoked wheels from Canyon Motorcycles beefed up the front and rear of the bobber. The front fender was replaced with a billet unit from Thornton Hundred Motorcycles. The rear is a custom fender attached to Wunderlich struts with integrated tail lights and indicators. The exhaust and brake kits also come courtesy of Thorton hundred along with the new license plate holder. DNA filters and Dynojet attend to the filters and tune respectively.

In the cockpit Motogadget mirrors, Indicators and grips keep everything cohesive and tidy. The final touches to tie this all together in a nice little bow is the custom seat and paint from Bad Arse Trim Co and Juds Customs.


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