The Traveller’s Patron Saint – Saint Christopher By Connolly

If Connolly were to have a Patron Saint, who better than Saint Christopher. St Christopher, protector of travellers, bachelors, sailors, athletes, gardeners and of course, drivers. Especially racing drivers; in Italy it is still traditional for a father to give his son a St Christopher medallion when he starts driving.

For some it’s a St Christopher badge on their cars, or sewn into their pockets or on a key fob or even badged on a hat or a jacket. Indeed this is a very old tradition.. Chaucer, describes the Knight’s Yeoman as wearing “A Christopher on his breast of silver sheen.”

So with the world opening up again and in the tradition of carrying a little extra protection on your journey, we at Connolly have designed an enamel badge or medallion that you can clip close to your heart, on your sleeve, on a cap, on a piece of luggage, on a car dashboard or on your keys. … St Christopher to carry you on your travels.
Connolly couldn’t resist sharing some photographs of the traditional benediction of cars with holy water by priests on the Saint’s Day. The car blessing ritual occurs on a Sunday around July 24th, the celebration day of St. Christopher.

And most importantly, £2.00 from every badge or medallion sold with or on a piece of Connolly goes towards The International Red Cross and its protection of vulnerable refugees and and especially children who are forced to flee their homes and travel in the most dangerous conditions.


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