Vagabund V06 Yamaha SR500 1982

Austria-Based custom garage Vagabund came up with the transformation of the Yamaha SR500 from 1982. Hardly any part remained untouched to create a unique, powerful and tasteful bike. Check out the details of Vagabund’s transformation below.


  • 100% street-legal in Austria
  • Extensively modified Yamaha RT360 fuel tank with integrated „Motogadget“ motoscope mini speedo
  • New designed and welded rear frame
  • Custom-made leather seat
  • Headlight integrated „Motogadget“ m-blaze pin turn signals and inbuild warning lights
  • „SHIN YO“ LED tail light integrated into the rear frame loop
  • „K&N“ air filters
  • Custom made license plate holder with integrated „Motogadget“ m-blaze pin turn signals
  • „Bridgestone“ battlax bt45 tires
  • „Grimeca“ brake master cylinder
  • „Domino“ clutch lever
  • 3D-printed switch housing
  • Runs without battery (capacitor)
  • „LSL“ handlebar
  • Cleaned upper triple clamp
  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • 50mm reduced front fork
  • Cleaned lower (sliding) tube
  • „YSS“ shocks
  • All new everything engine
  • „LSL“ footrests


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