Valesca Milano “Coverta” Shoe Protector

Say goodbye to scuffed shoes and hello to worry-free rides with Coverta, the ultimate motorcycle shoe shifter protector designed for everyday use. Crafted with precision and practicality in mind, Coverta ensures your footwear stays pristine every time you shift gears.

Crafted from durable black full-grain leather, Coverta not only adds a touch of style to your riding ensemble but also provides superior protection against wear and tear caused by shifting gears. Its elastic band ensures a snug fit, keeping the protector securely in place throughout your journey, while the Vibram anti-slip rubber guarantees maximum grip and stability, even in challenging riding conditions.

With Coverta, you can confidently navigate the roads without worrying about ruining your favorite Velasca shoes. Its innovative design shields your footwear from scratches, scuffs, and stains, preserving their pristine condition mile after mile.

What sets Coverta apart is its user-friendly design. Featuring a convenient Velcro closure, Coverta can be effortlessly secured in place, allowing for hassle-free installation and removal whenever needed. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a casual enthusiast, Coverta is the must-have accessory that ensures both style and functionality on every ride.

Don’t let gear shifts take a toll on your footwear. Upgrade your riding experience with Coverta and ride in style, comfort, and confidence every time. Say hello to effortless gear shifting and goodbye to shoe damage with Coverta, the ultimate motorcycle shoe shifter protector.


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