1960 BMW R69 With A Jawa Velorex Sidecar

Introducing the 1960 BMW R69, a true gem among the post-WWII models produced by the Munich-based manufacturer. This particular bike has been thoughtfully matched with an era-appropriate Jawa Velorex sidecar, both finished in a matching black livery. Notably, the motorcycle has undergone an extensive rejuvenation process, including a complete engine and carburetor rebuild.

The R69, a standout member of the BMW R69 family, made by the esteemed German motorcycle manufacturer in various iterations between 1955 and 1969, boasts a 594cc horizontally opposed boxer twin engine. It is equipped with a 4-speed gearbox, a sturdy tubular steel duplex cradle frame, and reliable drum brakes both at the front and rear.

The R69 was specifically designed with a sportier disposition, featuring a punchy 35 bhp powerplant that could propel the bike to a genuine top speed of 100 mph, a remarkable feat at the time. This achievement significantly contributed to dispelling BMW’s previous reputation of producing “reliable but dull” motorcycles.

In the context of its era, the 600cc engine displacement of the R69 was substantial, as most high-performance overhead valve British twins of the period typically ranged between 500cc and 650cc. Notable features of the R69 include its Earles fork front suspension, a swing arm rear suspension setup equipped with two hydraulic shock absorbers, and a weight of 202 kilograms when fully fueled. The bike’s fuel tank accommodates 17 liters of fuel, offering extended riding enjoyment for enthusiasts.

This 1960 BMW R69 stands as a testament to the era’s engineering and design prowess and is a remarkable example of a collectible classic motorcycle that has retained its enduring charm and performance over the years.



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