1973 Daytona Triumph The Black Needle By Angry Lana Motorcycles

Ben proudly owns a meticulously customized 1973 Daytona Triumph (T100R) Bobber 500cc, a true reflection of his passion for vintage motorcycles. This distinctive ride boasts a David Bird Hardtail with a 4″ stretch and 1″ drop, lending it an unmistakable stance on the road. Its performance is enhanced by a 4-speed transmission situated on the right side, paired with an open primary featuring a Bob Newby England dry belt clutch for smooth and efficient power delivery.

The aesthetic appeal of Ben’s bike is equally impressive, with a classic Wassell gas tank adding a touch of nostalgia. Its MX levers and mini z-bars, shortened by 2″ for a personalized fit, ensure a comfortable and responsive riding experience. Illuminating the way ahead is an original Bates headlight, lending an authentic vintage charm to the bike’s front end.

One of the most striking features of Ben’s Triumph Bobber is its custom hand-made leather seat, skillfully crafted by Ben himself. This seat not only provides a comfortable perch for long rides but also adds a unique and personal touch to the overall design of the motorcycle. Each detail of this bike reflects Ben’s dedication to creating a one-of-a-kind machine that stands out both on the road and in the hearts of fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.


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